PCT: The desert section-The final 700 mile push.

I have never been so parched in my entire life. I was currently in the middle of the 36 mile waterless strectch in southern California. It was October of 2016. I had just had over 500 miles to go on my Pacific Crest Trail thru hike. I was getting closer to the Triple Crown and I could feel the lure. But first and foremost, I was thinking about water. I was camped 9 miles from highway 58, where the town of Tehachapi was waiting. But there was one problem. I was out of water. I woke up feeling sore. I ran the last 9 miles. All down hill. I got to the highway and hitched. Two hours later, somone decided to pick me up. They were even nice enough to drive me to McDonald’s. I got the largest cup on the menu and filled it with Coke. Then I filled it with water. Finally, I was quenched.

The last 500 miles were a whirlwind. Some things that stick out in my mind were getting trapped in a thunderstorm on San Jacinto, walking the Mojave Desert, and trekking through the San Gabriel mountains while walking past tigers and bears. Yes, you heard that right.

On my last day, I met my parents near Campo and walked the last couple of steps to the monument. It was bittersweet, but I was content. I have thru hiked the entire 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail. There was now only one thing on my mind…

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