CDT: Final Push to the Trifecta

The Mexican border was looming ever closer. I was currently in Northern New Mexico. It was quite beautiful. It just so happens that New Mexico had it’s coldest fall in 15 years. I got snowed on multiple times. Far from the desert scrub I was imagining. No rattlesnake to surprise me this time.

I was flying high and cranking out milelage. Fast forward to the Gila River alternate. I was 40 miles from Silver City. I had a choice. Hike 40 miles on highway, or ford the Gila River 52 times. I took the former. I did my personal best that day. The best part? Arbys.

My final day on trail was October 31st, 2018. What a day to remember. I finished the Triple Crown with my dad by my side and my mother and grandmother met us later that day. I wss now 1 of 400 people in the world to have completed this challenge. 7,500 miles and 22 states later. My life was complete. Thanks be to God.

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