Colorado: A dream come true, threat of snow, and cold mornings.

What can I say? Colorado is stunning! I timed it perfectly with the leaves. The aspens have turned yellow, gold, and orange. Fall is upon me. As I rest up here in Salida, I an reflecting on my last month. I only have 866 miles to go and 33 days. On October 31st, I will be one of less than 400 people in the entire world to have completed the Triple Crown challenge.

The trail in Colorado is beautiful. Massive 14,000 foot peaks surrounded me, aspen leaves littered the trail like confetti, and pockets of turquoise lakes punctured the landscape.

Some highlights in Colorado were:

1. Hiking with my best friend from Grand Lake to Rollins Pass.

2. Hiking and spending time with one of three triple triple crowners. His name is Let It Be.

3. Seeing two bull moose close up.

4. Staying at 3 killer hostels.

5. Staring face to face with a mountain lion in the dark.

All of these things have made Colorado great!

I need to get booking though… I got snowed on climbing a pass and the nights and mornings are bone chilling cold. Winter is coming. I have to sleep with my filter to avoid it freezing. Once I reach New Mexico (Oct 4), I  can breathe easy.

Thank you so much for the support and I looking foreard to seeing many of you in a little more than a month.



1 thought on “Colorado: A dream come true, threat of snow, and cold mornings.

  1. Sounds like an awesome journey you’re having! I’m glad I heard about the mountain lion after the fact! We’re looking forward to seeing you in about a month. The cherry pie and Rosie will be waiting for you. Take care, Grandma❤️

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