Wyoming: Yellowstone, The Winds, and the Great Basin

Hey all,

What can I say? Wyoming is a great state. My favorite so far.  It kicked off with Yellowstone National Park. Not only was the trail easy, but I got to see Old Faithful erupt, I got to walk by several geyers and natural hot springs, and I even followed a llama for about 10 miles. It had escaped its owners and had been roaming around for about a week. I guess it wanted to be free to roam. I don’t blame it. I want the same thing in life. “I got no time for coolin’ heels I’ve got to roam”-Myles Kennedy, Year of the Tiger.

After passing through Yellowstone, I entered into the Teton-Bridger wilderness, in which I spooked a grizzly bear, and I also crossed parting of the waters which is where a creek forks in two and each tributary drains into two different oceans. Pretty damn cool. I rested in Dubois, WY in which I had the best smoked buffalo and spicky elk sausage I’ve ever had.  They even had it in an omelette. I ended up eating at that establishment four times.

After Dubois came the Wind River Range. I knew I had to push 30s to get to Lander on time. One minor drawback was the snowstorm I got caught in at 11,000 feet. I had to beat the snow off of my tent several times during the night to keep my tent from collaspsing. That day, it snowed, hailed, sleeted, and rained. Yes you heard that right. I was lucky to have escaped. I was actually excited to be in the Basin for I knew it would not snow.

After resting in Lander, I headed into the Great Basin. A giant wasteland of sage brush and dried up creeks, cow patties, and sand. Lots of sand. And cows. The entire four day stretch through the basin was on roads. I’m not kidding. Dirt and gravel roads. Which was fine with me. I’m quite fond of road walking because that means I can push big miles. Overall, from Dubois to Rawlins, I did 9, 30 mile days in a row. I’m beat.

I celebrated by taking a rest day in Rawlins, WY. I’m halfway done my solo trek of the CDT! 1,400 miles in. A couple of days to Colorado and the high country. Let’s keep the snow to a minimum please. I’d never thought I’d say that seeing as when I lived in Alaska, I prayed for snow so I could make the climbing more fun. The CDT is a whole different ball game.

Life is good. God is great. When life gives you limes, make a gin and tonic.

Happy Labor Day.

Jacob a.k.a. Fish

3 thoughts on “Wyoming: Yellowstone, The Winds, and the Great Basin

  1. You’re trekking such beautiful territory and you’ve done a great job of describing it. I’m trying to visualize what it might be like to spook a grizzly as I stroll along the trail! Yikes! Keep up the good work, Jacob!

  2. Glad you made it out of the snow & can continue your incredible journey. I can not imagine anyone being more prepared for this trek than you so just think how miserable someone less skilled would be when it tests even the great Fish ! As far as cows…just remember they are vegetarians so you don’t have to be. Beef it’s what’s for dinner !

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