Helena, MT to Butte, MT: Big Miles

This post is short and sweet. The goal was simple. Make it to Butte in 3 days. That would require me to hike 102 miles from Hwy 12 at McDonald Pass to Interstate 90 at Homestake Pass. Possible? Yes. Fun? Not so much. The only reason I saw this fit was a slight discrepancy in mileages between my topo maps and my guthook app. The app was more accurate. I quickly realized that I had underestimated my total mileage of my route. By over 200 miles. Damn.

In order for me to finish the trail by my goal date of October 31, I have to average a minumum of 26 miles per day for the next 97 days. 3,000 miles in 122 days. Game on.

I knew what I had to do over the course of these 3 days. So I hiked 32 miles out of Helena. The next day, I did 35 miles. A personal best. The last day into town, I pulled off another 35 mile day. Spectacular.

The best part? Another trail angel who is a mutual friend gave me a ride to town and hosted me for two nights. The icing on the cake? A chocolate milkshake. What would the world look like without angels???

2 thoughts on “Helena, MT to Butte, MT: Big Miles

  1. Wow! You got this Jacob. We are cheering you on as we did at the start of the PCT! You got this Jacob! The chocolate milkshake and your determination will help you to succeed!

    We love you

  2. Jacob we’ve been doing very small hikes each day through some pretty awesome scenery. Every time we step onto a trail we think of you–how courageous you are and what a privilege you have given yourself to spend this time in nature. Keep up the great progress.

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