Augusta, MT to Helena, MT: The Divine Sign

With 1 percent remaining on my phone and my battery pack dead, I knew I was in for an adventure. I had 15 miles of walking to town and daylight was quickly fading, I decided to pitch my tent right next to a forest service road. I had been walking roads for the past few hours and my feet were sore. My first 30 mile day had come to an end.

My main navigational source was an app called guthook. It had a red line for the trail and an arrow (me) that would indicate whether I was on trail or not. Without this app, my maps would do, but my maps didn’t tell me about every little intersection or confusing parts. So the fun part was trying to get to town without getting lost in the wilderness.

The next morning, I remember getting to a four way intersection. I had no idea which way to go. So I asked God. I said, “God, show me the way!” I turned left. The best left I ever made. A couple of miles down the road, I ran into these two women. And a CDT trail sign. The first in over 10 miles. God works miracles.

When I approached the women, I asked them for a favor. I asked them if I could text a “trail angel” and ask her for a ride and place to stay. A trail angel was anyone who performs any type of hospitality to hikers free of charge. The form of hospitality is called “trail magic”. To my dismay, the trail angel was out of town for the week. This is the crazy part. One of the ladies was the only other trail angel in town. Not only did she give me a ride, but she hosted me at her home for two nights. Shower. Laundry. Meals. PURE GOLD.

This day taught me an important lesson. There is always a sign. As we drove down the highway, we passed a huge billboard of Jesus spreading his arms out in love. It said, “I am the way.” Chills to the core. My very soul was glowing.

6 thoughts on “Augusta, MT to Helena, MT: The Divine Sign

  1. Jacob, you had me at “1 percent” and as the story went on, I had concern and peace for you. God and the angels were there for you.

    Here’s to a full batter, clean laundry, full stomach, a good place to stay, and above all: God in your heart and soul.

    We love you

  2. The most special part of this story was hearing it first hand as you were hiking along the trail and shared it with me on the phone. God has strategically placed Angels Among Us. I love you my son! ❤️

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