East Glacier to Augusta, MT: The Bob Marshall Wilderness

If I thought that I climbed over enough fallen trees on the PCT, then I was surely mistaken. Miles upon miles of trees from last years fire covered the trail and made it nearly impossible to follow the path. But alas, I quickly found out that my navigation app did not use cellular data and ran off of the gps programmed into the phone. No more reliable phone than the iPhone 5. Period.

Anyways, my phone helped me navigate the trail through the bad sections. The pristine maps I carried did nothing and my gps did not have the trail in detail so there ya go. And that is why you carry 3 forms of navigation. One of them will usually work.

The section through the Bob Marshall was peaceful and was actually a lot easier to hike than Glacier. A lot more dirt paths through the forest with gentle gradients. No real valley to pass and repeat. Also, the fording of rivers was easy. No more than knee deep. I will say my waterproof socks did come in handy. As far as wildlife, no bears, but plenty of mosquitoes who got there fill of blood and a nice mule deer just outside of benchmark.

Overall, I was quite pleased with this section. So far, I’ve completed 233.5 miles of trail. I have been on trail for 15 days. Only 105 more to go!! Haha. Next stop, Scapegoat Wilderness and Montana’s capital, Helena!!!

2 thoughts on “East Glacier to Augusta, MT: The Bob Marshall Wilderness

  1. You just discovered the truth about the CDT – “unmarked trails” – good you can navigate with the iPhone. So how are you recharging – solar? Battery pack?

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