CDT Commencement and Glacier National Park

The final trek has begun. The last trail of the triple crown challenge was laid out at my feet, like a welcoming door mat in a suburban neighborhood. Of course, the physical trail resembled nothing like a neighborhood, but more of my feelings for it. To me, the trail was home. After all, I will have spent roughly 1.2 years in the wilderness alone in the last 4 years while trekking across the country. I dreamed about this moment for a long time. No longer did I have that wanderlust while looking at the front page of backpackers magazine or envy the outdoor guides for there extravagant lifestyles. I am living the dream now.

The best part about starting this trail? My dad hiked with me for the first four days. This was my chance to get broken in and get my trail legs without destroying my body. For the 4 days we hiked, we averaged about 12-13 miles a day. My dad kept up and he was in shape!! A significant improvement from our Mt. Whitney climb. Some of my favorite moments during our time together was hiking through a pass with sideways hail with 50-60 miles per hour sustained winds, encountering a grizzly bear at 10 yards (yes that’s right), and hanging around camp smoking our favorite cigars.

Dad describes Glacier National Park as some of the most beautiful scenery he has ever hiked in. He hopes to join me in Colorado to climb Grays Peak, the tallest point on the Continental Divide Trail. As for me, I’m feeling pretty stoked about the journey. 2,750 miles in 120 days. Southbound. Solo. What more could I ask for? Maybe a portable soda machine…

3 thoughts on “CDT Commencement and Glacier National Park

  1. Good for you Jacob! The only CDT I have experienced was when I hiked the Colorado Trail which is superimposed on the CDT for a portion of the distance.

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