PCT Thru hike 2016: Cali Border to Truckee

Hey everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. It’s been 2.5 weeks but I’ve been doing some solid hiking up until this point to try and cover some ground.

So far, I’ve done about 1,500 miles since my start in late June. I crossed the halfway point on September 2. It’s amazing how many more miles I’m doing consistently per day than the AT. I’m doing between 25-30 miles. Also, I achieved my personal record near Shasta California with 33 miles in one day.

What can I say, California is beautiful. The large slabs of granite, the wildflowers, snowcapped jagged peaks, and huge pine trees have made for an enjoyable couple of weeks so far. I have begun to enter the higher elevations of the Sierras. It won’t be long before I cross Sonora Pass and be in the high Sierras, which are considered the crown jewel of the trail.

I have about a month and half left of hiking. The two most challenging parts are left. The high Sierras and the desert. The advantage of hiking southbound on the trail is that when you hit these two areas, it’s cooler, not as many bugs, and the snowpack is manageable. The only disadvantage is the days are shorter so waking up super early is a must. I look forward to hiking Mt. Whitney with my dad which will be the third week of September.

A couple of things I noticed about Cali. The people are super friendly. I havent had too much trouble hitching rides to and from town. A couple even hosted me in their home and fed me and let me use their shower!! Also, the towns themselves are pretty cool. I remember a couple of towns that reminded me of towns back home like Sierra city which has a population of 250. Another wonderful thing is I get to hike a lot with a view. Nothing motivates me more than being able to see ahead.

I just wanted to thank all of the people who support me and follow my blog. I will be finished around the 31st of October. I look forward to attending two PSU football games. I can smell the finish!!!

3 thoughts on “PCT Thru hike 2016: Cali Border to Truckee

  1. Great post Jacob! I’m in awe of your courage and determination and blown away that you are averaging 25-30 miles per day! I’m happy that you have spectacular views along the trail and that everyone is so friendly. Pretty special that you are in your birth state! Keep it going Jacob! The finish is right around the corner! We love you! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Awesome! It is si cool that you are having a blast doing what you live. The photos you post are always amazing and they make me want to travel west just to see some of that area in person.

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