PCT thru hike 2016: Oregon


I can’t believe I will be in California tonight!! The 455 miles of Oregon trail have taken me a little over three weeks to hike. The trail itself was very mellow compared to Washington, however it was dry and dusty and mosquitoes were constant due to the number of lakes and ponds.

I will keep this post short and sweet. I figure since I aspire to write a book about my adventures, I will give you all of the details then.

Here are tree highlights about Oregon. The first was spending a day in Bend. I got to do the pub tour and visit 4-5 breweries. We had to peddle the bar around so my legs were pretty sore after, but it was worth it. Also, carboloading was a pleasure as always.

The second highlight was hiking Crater Lake National Park with my dad. We hiked the official PCT and the rim trail, which gives you stellar views of the lake!! I can’t thank my dad enough for the support. We had plenty of adventure on the trail and the lack of water was so bad seeing as there were two caches and all of the seasonal creeks and springs were full of water.

The last highlight was staying in Ashland, OR. A guy namesd Chris let me stay at his house and he fed me dinner, and offered shower and laundry. We hung out downtown and visited a local fly fishing shop and specialized backpacking and adventure sports stores. Ashland is definitely one of my favorite trail towns thus far.

So far, I have hiked nearly 1,000 miles. California is nearly 1,700 miles long. It will take me roughly 2.5 months to complete. I am very much looking forward to summiting Mt. Whitney with my dad in late September. I’ve heard the Sierras are the crown jewel of the trail. I hope I couldn’t agree more.



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