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PCT thru hike 2016: Cascade Locks, OR to Trout Lake, WA

Hello everybody!

First off, thank you to everyone who continues to support me throughout this hike. Your support is much needed!

The trail has been great so far. Lots of great scenery and wildlife. So far, I’ve seen black bear, elk, deer, a coyote, giant slugs, giant newts, and a bald eagle.

For those of you who don’t know, last week I had a minor setback with too much snow on the trail mixed in with an illness. As of today, I’m feeling 100 percent.

I reached the town of trout lake today. I have completed approx 75 miles of trail since the start of my hike.

My hike started in Cascade Locks, OR which is on the Oregon/Washington border. It’s also the lowest point on the PCT, somewhere around 200 feet above sea level.

I plan to hike north to the Canadian border and then hitch a ride back down to Cascade Locks to continue my hike southbound to the Mexican border.

For now, its a burger, some beer, a cherry turnover, a giant cherry popsicle, and 2 squirts.

Next stop, White Pass.


P.s. Two quotes of the day: 1. “Why dream the dream, when you can live the dream.” 2.”Our lives are better than your vacation.”