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Day 27: Andover Maine to Speck Pond Campsite

Hey everyone,

I did a solid 15 miles today with lots of inclines mixed with roots and rocks. Tomorrow I will be in New Hampshire!!! I’m only 10 miles from the border. It will feel so good to move onto another state. One state closer to the end!

Tomorrow will consist of the hardest mile on the trail where I will have the opportunity to go bouldering in the mountains. It’s basically going over and under boulders for a solid mile. I’m pumped! It’s the last challenge that lies between the white mountains and myself.

Almost 281.8 miles in. Tomorrow will be memorable. I will have completed the hardest state on the trail that boasts the hardest mile, the vastest wilderness section, and the second largest amount of trail miles next to Virginia which has the most at over 500 miles. All in all Maine is a beautiful state and I can’t wait to hike above tree line in the white mountains.

Ps. I’m still projected to summit Mt Washington on the 4th of July!!! Two days ahead of schedule!!!

Day 28-speck pond campsite- gentian pond campsite

Hey everyone,

After almost an entire month, I have finally completed the state of Maine! Some things that make this the most challenging state include the 100 mile wilderness which is the most vast wilderness section of the entire trail, the mahoosic notch which is the hardest mile on the trail, and it has the second most miles of the trail at 281.8 miles.

When I reached the state line, I was a little emotional. I was stoked to have completed such a challenge. I could not have done it without the support of my family, friends, and the lovely Rebecca Moats. Before I reached the state line, I was able to call my dad and my two grandfathers. After I reached my goal, I called my mother and sent her a picture of my view! I was very excited to share the good news.

I’m feeling very much in shape now, however I am starting to consume more food than ever. The hiker hunger has hit me hard. It’s very important to refuel in towns to put back on the weight that you lose. Tomorrow I will recover in Gorham, New Hampshire. This is right before the presidential range of the white mountains including Mt. Washington. This will be the second highlight of my trip. I beyond excited!

Thanks to all of the support and followers of my blog. You guys are amazing. I love you all!


Day 22: Spaulding mt lean to-Redington campsite

Hey everyone,

Did roughly 11 miles today. Only 8 miles to the next highway! Even though I am not taking a rest stop, it will feel great to restock on food, charge my phone, and publish my blogs and pictures.

I made a fire at the camp which kept the bugs away. It felt great just jamming to music and watching the fruits of my labor. Anyway, after I pitched camp I had ramen noodles, tuna salad, a Swiss roll, and peanut butter. A hikers dream dinner!

Before I went to bed, a larger animal ran past my tent. It could be one of three three things. A deer. A moose. A bear. Let’s hope it’s not a bear. I don’t want my tent or myself getting ripped up.

P.s. I have shortened my trail name to fish.

Day 23: Redington campsite-Rangeley, Maine

Hey everyone,

In town once again! And I’m at mile 220 which means I’m 1/10 of the way done the trail! I celebrated by having a blt, burger, and brownie a la mode! And of course a big glass of beer!

Over The past three weeks I have met some amazing people. Here are some of the trail names I have encountered along the way.
-the Tennessee five
-sky chicken
– caribou
-Dakota jones
-shin splint
-deadbeat 1 and 2

I am only 60 miles from the New Hampshire border! The white mountains lay ahead and Mt Washington! I hope to be there by the Fourth of July. I will be recording a special video to honor three people who have been apart of my life and have impacted me greatly. I hope you’ll tune in!

Day 18: safford notch-horns pond lean to

Hey everyone,

Took an easy day today. About six miles. Also, I reached the 2000 mile marker for nobo hikers. Furthermore, I summited the tallest mountain of my journey thus far with an elevation exceeding 4000 feet. The 200 mark for my trip will be after the town of Stratton. I will be there tomorrow morning to enjoy a shower and some relaxation.

P.s. In the middle of all this wilderness, I saw an airstrip and a ski slope. It’s funny how you can make yourself laugh over the simplest things while out in The woods for an extended period of time!

Day 17: west carry pond lean to-safford notch campsite

Hey everyone,

After 20 miles yesterday, it felt right to sleep in. I left camp at 11:00 feeling great! Gained some good elevation today while summiting little bigelow mt. The campsite I’m staying at is at the base of a mountain over 4000 ft tall. My first taste of a real peak. The others were simple training grounds. Anyway, a relatively easy day of 10 miles into Stratton lies ahead. I’m going to have a cold beer and a shower!

P.s. Every time I roll into camp, this dog name Sasha comes up to me and automatically rolls on her back for a good old belly rub!

Day 16:pleasant pond lean to-west carry pond lean to

Hey everyone,

Did my biggest day so far with 20 more miles under my belt. I’m exhausted and I cannot wait to sleep in. I never thought my first 20 miler would be in one of the hardest states on the AT. Anyway, tomorrow’s terrain will be rugged with some peaks over 4000 feet. Some serious mountain climbing lays ahead but that’s what I’m good at.

P.s. Called my brother today to wish him luck on his new job in Iowa. I’m going to miss him a lot. Even though he’s leaving, the twin connection still remains!!!

Day 15: bald mt brook lean to-pleasant pond lean to

Hey everyone,

Had another slow day today but still on schedule. I want to enjoy as much of Maine as possible because it is a beautiful state. Some highlights today included seeing another snake, almost flushing a ruffed grouse, and running into a north bound thru hiker who had friends attending penn state. Headed into Caratunk tomorrow to catch the ferry which will take me across the most formidable river crossing along the entire AT: the Kennebec River. I will be resupplying at an outfitters that will carry me until Stratton which is three days time.

P.s. I passed the halfway point in Maine!!! Been on the trail for two weeks.

Day 14-June 15-moxie bald mt. Lean to-bald mt brook lean to

Hey everyone,

Today I summited a mountain with a 360 view of Maine. Also, I got to call my dad and wish him a happy Father’s Day. In addition, I got a call from my brother and got to talk to home for a few minutes. He had mentioned a going away party that he hosted at the house for him leaving for Iowa to start a new chapter of his life. It made me smile. Even though we couldn’t be together on our birthday, I know he is in a good place.

Ps. I’m 23!!!

Day 13-Monson to moxie bald mountain lean to

Hey everyone,

Today I did 18 miles which was my biggest trek thus far. The trail was very well maintained and it was fun fording rivers. One river crossing was especially memorable. I had to place my pack on my head and shuffle sideways while holding onto a rope with one hand. In addition to fording, I sloshed through muddy parts and even had a leech sucking blood from a large vein on my foot! All in all it was a great day and looking forward to my birthday tomorrow.

Day 12-zero day in Monson

Hey everyone,

Today I relaxed at Shaw’s lodging in Monson Maine. After 10 days of straight hiking my body needed to recover. All in all I felt great and I have sustained no major injuries. Just a couple of blisters and soreness in my knee. In town I ate a lot of food. My one meal consisted of a burger, lobster roll, a giant plate of fries, and two beers! I weighed myself on the scale later that night and I have neither gained nor lost weight. My one buddy lost 17 pounds. Anyway, I’m enjoying being in a small town where the people are friendly. It will be a little bittersweet leaving this place.

P.s. I got to talk to my entire family on the phone and they wished me a happy birthday! Talk about motivation.

Day 11-Completion of the 100 Mile Wilderness

Howdy folks,

I did it! I hiked through the most vast section of wilderness of the Appalachian Trail totaling 100 miles without services. I had to bring 10 days of supplies and be fully equipped with the necessary equipment. It was one of three big highlights on the trip that I looked forward to. The other two include the infamous Mt. Washington in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina. I can’t believe I’ve been on he trail for a week and a half already. I’m a mountain man at heart! Next trek is through the rest of Maine and onto the presidential range of New Hampshire. I’ll keep you updated!

Day 9

Hello everyone,

Today we are sleeping in a shelter just shy of the 100 mile mark. I can’t believe I have been on the trail for 9 days already. Time flies when you’re hiking for sure. Anyway I will be in Monson tomorrow which marks the south end of the 100 mile wilderness. I’m stoked beyond belief. Just these past few days have given me an experience I’ll never forget.

Happy trails

Day 8

Hey everyone.,

Did some good climbing today with a well earned 10 miles. Looking to do 11 more tomorrow and then 15 to Monson. Today I pursued the elusive snake that was hanging around our fire pit at the shelter. Never got him! Anyway, going to dream about burgers and beer and French women with long legs. Good night!

Day 5: nahmakanta stream campsite to cooper brook falls lean to

Hello everyone,

I’m right on schedule here. Did 16 miles today. Looking to be in Monson in four days time. All is well. The shelter is right below a huge rapids that flows into a large swimming hole that happens to be filled with brook trout. We caught and filleted four of them! I plan on staying at Logan branch shelter tomorrow. Only 11.7 miles. Gotta get rested up for white cap mountain. See you tomorrow!

Day 4

Hello everyone,

Today I hiked 14 miles. I’m staying at a cool little campsite by the river. My legs are getting stronger and my hips don’t ache as much. I’m able to hike up steep hills without taking breaks. I will definitely have my trail legs by Monson which marks the end of the 100 mile wilderness. On another note, the bugs were so bad today that I thought I was going to go insane. It’s nice being inside my tent now without a worry.

P.s. I’ve left the group behind that I met the first day. We have plans to meet in Monson.

Third day

Today I walked 11 miles and I’m staying at rainbow stream shelter. It’s right by a gorgeous trout stream and this shelter is probably one of the coolest locations I’ve ever been to camp. It rained a little but thank god for my gore-text boots! Big day tomorrow doing 18 miles. Gotta rest up.

Second day-start of the 100 mile wilderness

Here I was in the vastest wilderness section of the Appalachian trail and all I could think of was wow what a wonder. I’ve never seen this thick of a forest before and I kinda like it. Better than sweating your ass off above tree-line for sure. Before I stepped into this section of trail I stopped at a store and bought some iced tea. It’s the little things in life that make your day go a little bit better. Can’t wait for what’s next.

First day-Mt Katahdin

It didn’t seem real that mt katahdin was in my scope of vision. Hovering above me like a beacon of power, it’s mighty loom shadowed the dense forest below. As I made my way above tree line, the beauty of Maine instilled in me a strong feeling of nostalgia as I was overcome with joy. All of the planning had payed off. This was the beginning of my reward. This was where I needed to be at this moment in time. On a mountain surrounded by God’s wonderful creation. This marks the beginning of my Appalachian trail thru hike. Bring on the wilderness.